As an old saying goes:” It’s a delight to have friends coming from afar”, SAMWHA GROUP face the global market, invite like-minded people together to write a future with SAMWHA GROUP together. recalling the past, eventful years thick, SAMWHA GROUP development up to now, already has the world stage strength, by virtue of their own culture and magnificent blueprint, is attracting the world elite come in a throng, SAMWHA group is dream-chasing stage, is the Friendship Park, welcome friends to visit SAMWHA, Sincerely hope that with your cooperation, join hands: Wing Lap head sea



國外銷售部電話(Tel):(0086)0417-5875572  傳真(Fax):(0086)0417-5875376

国内销售部电话(Tel):(0086)0417-6682080  传真(Fax):(0086)0417-6972153

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